Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dear Valentine's Day, Part II

Three years ago, I wrote a piece about Valentine's Day.  Since then, I have found love, and as it is common knowledge that once you find someone, they stay with you forever, it is time for me to write this follow up piece.  As an ex-smoker makes an exaggerated cough around current smokers, letting them know fully well of the disdain they now feel, I must now turn against my former brethren.

Valentine's Day is about celebrating love.  Not just the love you have for a significant other, but your love for everyone.  In lambasting the holiday, you are announcing your hatred for this world and all who walk it.  Your tiny, black heart isn't represented in the large, red, chocolate filled ones available at retailers, and that is not our fault.  Perhaps this burning, foul stench of bitterness and animosity is why you are single, but it isn't Valentine's Day's fault. 

Fie upon thee for your pronouncements of "Happy Single's Awareness Day".  This is not an attack on you.  You are just as bad as a person who complains that there is no White History Month just because February is dedicated elsewhere. 

Yes, you are as bad as a racist.  And you wonder why you are alone.