Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Guy that Cut in Line for the Bathroom at Bally's Park Place

As men living in this society, we tacitly agree to follow certain rules.  Always leave a buffer seat between you and another guy at the movies, always give up your seat on the bus or metro for someone older or more infirm than you, and never admit that you like a romantic comedy other that "As Good as it Gets" or "Love Actually" are only a few of these rules.  They were put in place to lessen fights, avoid awkward situations, and to generally make sure Katherine Heigel never gets work again. 

So, when you walked into the bathroom outside the Blue Martini at Bally's Park Place, and you saw me standing outside the line of closed stall doors, you had two choices.  Either A) this large man must be waiting for a stall to open up, or B) this are about to get very real, very quickly.  Good news, both were right.

About three seconds after you walked in, someone left their stall.  You proceeded to walk right past me and take said stall.  The only reason I didn't break the stall door then and there was that my brain simply could not compute what had just happened.  Instead of waiting for another stall, or taking action against you, I wandered back to the casino floor to my friends.  As I explained what had happened, my old friend rage took over, and I yelled "I am going back into that bathroom and taking what's mine!" which was an unfortunate and very poorly thought out declaration, to say the least. 

Needless to say, shame on you for creating a situation where two full grown men are trying to stop their friend from entering a bathroom to inflict harm on another person.  Worse off, when you left the bathroom and ignored my screams of injustice, you created an even worse situation: where two grown men are trying to shove their friend INTO a bathroom to keep him from getting arrested for Terry Tate-ing a man in an Atlantic City casino.

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