Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Blog Readers (Part 2)

You have done well with your offerings to me.  Not great, but well.  There has been a distinct lack of wax lions and Moxie soda, but I choose to believe they are in the mail.

Now the time has come for a different form of tribute.  If you enjoy the blog, if I have ever made you laugh, I only ask a small favor.  Let your friends know about the letters.  Link to me on your Facebook accounts, email them a link, or hire a homeless person to break into people's homes and write the URL on their walls with a tasty gravy they make out of dandelions and tears.  Those that have Google+, don't bother.  The five other people that use that already know about me.  Get the word out.

Bottom line is, this has been more popular than I could have imagined when I jokingly texted my friend Spike and told him I would start this blog.  He didn't believe I would, so I registered it out of spite.  I would like to see the blog become even more popular.  That way I can parlay it into a book deal, and use that money to buy a koala.  I hate koalas more than anything, so that will ensure many more letters to come.

Sound like a good plan?  Of course it does, because I thought of it.

A new letter will be posted tomorrow should I see that five people linked to me on Facebook.  It will probably be posted if no one links, but the quality will greatly suffer because of it.  Mainly, it will be scene by scene dissection of the movie "Blank Check".

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