Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear Sirius Satellite Radio

Frankly, your programming has been lacking ever since you decided to start swapping Larry Cirwin's Celtic Crush all around the schedule.  That's not why you are getting this letter.  It just explains why I wanted to stop your service in the first place. 

I received a letter in the mail explaining that my one year subscription was running out.  According to this letter, if I did not act, my subscription would soon end.  Not wanting to listen to your awful DJ's, I elected to not act.  On the day you predicted, I got in my car, and only received silence from your stations.  All of my presets were gone, and I lived a happy life.

Move forward one year.  I got a new letter from you, telling me that my yearly autorenewal would be charged soon.  This piece of mail explains that I was last charged a year previously, the same day that the Sirius radio in my car stopped getting your service.  I went back through my credit cards, and you had charged my account, through a debit card that I had replaced.  Understandably, I called your customer service.

The first person I talked to wanted to see the letter telling me that if I didn't act, I would lose my service.  When I told him it was gone after a full year, he basically told me I was out of luck.  I asked why the radio service would have been stopped if I was being automatically renewed.  The only thing I was told is that I should have called to have the radio signal renewed.  So, basically, I should have called to turn on the service I didn't think I was paying for, since I was lied to.

I called back.  The next person wanted to see the letter too.  When I pointed out that the service shouldn't have been turned off if I was paying, she agreed that it made no sense.  However, there was nothing she could do for me.  The third person also agreed that if I had been charged, there never should have been an interruption in service.  I was offered a credit for the final month of service that I never wanted, meaning I was still out over $150.

I hope you can understand how awful and shady your business model is.  I get a letter telling me that I will lose the service if I do nothing.  I do nothing, and you still charge me.  Had I heard the radio still playing in my car, I would have called to investigate and cancel the charges and subscription.  Luckily, you turned it off so I couldn't find that out, and then your one customer service rep has the balls to tell me that if I had an interruption in service, I should have called to fix it.  I never knew I paid, and never wanted the service. 

Three days after I got off the phone with the third customer service rep, very angry an upset, I got a call from your company.  You didn't want to lose my business, and wanted to give me a year's service for much less than what I was charged in your con artist, BS idiocy a year before. 

Congratulations.  Your company makes me physically ill, and I am glad to let everyone here know how you ripped me off.

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  1. Jeezus. I just googled & found a hell of a lot of complaints about them. They sound like the worst company ever. I think Josh (my husband, not SMC Josh) used to have either XM or Sirius, and he let it go a while back. He says the debit card they had on file has passed the expiration date or they'd probably still be billing him.

    I think your only chance of getting your money back might be to call your credit card company, tell them you've been fraudulently billed, and see if they'll go after Sirius as a chargeback, but you might be out of luck. Ugh.


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