Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dear Pants

Why can't you ever fit right?  I want to blame the Big Belt Consortium for furthering their propaganda, but it goes much higher than that.

Pants from one company in one size fit differently than pants from a different company in the same size.  If I find a pair of pants that fit my waist, they never have a long enough inseam.   If you want to buy a pair of Levis, not only are there thirty some odd different styles, but there are just as many shades of blue.  Good luck finding the combination you want between size, length, style, and color, especially when you are size 36/34.  Apparently everyone that needs a 34 inseam has a size 46 or higher waist, according to the Pants Barons. 

I thought I was past this.  I bought ten pairs of cargo shorts on sale in 1998, thinking I was done buying pants forever, and now everyone laughs at me and asks why I need so many pockets.  I just can't escape it. 

I think Brainiac says it best in the clip below. 

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