Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dear Woman Who Took Her Shoes Off at the Restaurant Where I Was Eating

This restaurant is decorated with a slight Irish flair.  It is not decorated in early 21st century whore, therefore, this is not your home.  No shirt, no shoes, no pity from me when you get tetanus from stepping on a rusty harpoon.

The fact that you curled your legs up onto the booth and are sitting on them does not help.  In fact, it makes it even more appalling, because your hobbit feet are even closer to the table.  Now, no one can eat off of that booth bench or that table.  Congratulations on ruining every child's birthday that is being celebrated as we speak, not just at this restaurant, but worldwide. 

This is Bennigan's madam, and we look for a little more class in this establishment.


  1. Bennigan's of Vineland?

  2. Never stopped in Vineland before. I pass by on my way to AC though.


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